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Nowadays, with the development of cities and the increasing growth of population, as well as environmental pollutant , green space environment  to be rapidly will decrease. From the other hand, the limited spaces of existing green environment  cause problems such as air pollution in of our life .


According  to the invisible needs of human  to nature in daily life and also need for a calm space in life and work, gradually, we pursued  to investigate the invention of a new method to apply plants in small spaces. And finally in the year 2012 with the creation of new culture method of  plants , present Golaviz green wall to nature lovers.

Our experienced team, after researching and building up the green wall structures consonant with apartment culture, was able to produce Golaviz green wall with using  natural plants without space occupation as well as saving water .

Golaviz green wall construction is a combination of innovation, creativity and industry that allows you to plant on unused walls without damaging them. In addition, the possibility of moving our green wall structures allows you to change the area of the green wall whenever and where you want, and experience a new style of decoration with natural plants.

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