Frequently Asked Questions

What is the special feature of Golaviz wall gardens?

Generally, the gardens produced by our company have different advantages over other gardens systems, which can be summarized in more detail:

Golaviz wall gardens have a separate skeletal structure and allow you to easily move your gardens, and it also creates the conditions that no damage to the back walls of the installation site.

The automatic irrigation system of gardens , in addition to eliminate the need of irrigation plants by you, allows you to grow floral plants with regular irrigation.

Another and most important characteristic of the Golaviz wall gardens is that the component production of these structures is carried out by our colleagues in the technical department of the company and does not have any dependence on foreign products, and it also allows the support of products to be Convenience and in the shortest time.


Why use Golaviz wall gardens?

In general, the presence of natural plants around us, especially the indoor environments, in addition to creating oxygen and good moisture, creates a peaceful environment for residents. Because people surrounded by natural plants are happier, more lively and more active people.


Why use Golaviz green wall instead of a pot?

Due to the increasing growth of population and the creation of a culture of apartments ,as well as the reduction of living space and working environment, the possibility of cultivating plants is massively reduced, because in traditional way, the cultivation and maintenance of plants in pots, Surrounds a considerable amount of space around us.

Now, with the use of Golaviz wall gardens, you can plant large amount of flowers on the walls without occupying the horizontal spaces of the environment.

For example, the space occupied by an average pot is about 30 centimeters square and if you want to hold 20 pots in your surroundings, you have occupied about 2 square meters  of space, while using only one Golaviz wall garden can grow the same number of plants in a space of one square meter from the walls and take advantage of the automatic plant irrigation.


what dimensions are produced  Golaviz green walls?

Due to the fact that the production of  our wall gardens in the workshop complex and produced by our engineers, it is possible to produce and construct gardens in any dimension and there is no limit to the presentation and production of the product at your desired size.


What kind of plants are suitable for Golaviz  green walls?

In general, you can cultivate any plant within the gardens structure. The only decisive factor is the amount of light around the environment.


Can artificial light systems be used for  Golaviz green walls?

Yes . If your environment is low- light, you can use artificial light for plant growth.


Do the plants cultivated in the Golaviz green walls need irrigation?

In general, one of the factors of the life of a plant is water. We put this into a fully automated system in our green walls  and only you as a consumer are obliged to fill the tank . all phases of irrigation of plants are done by a completely automatic system.


How long does it take to install  Golaviz green walls?

Since all the stages of designing and constructing the  green walls  in the workshop environment  are carried out, the installation of the structure in the desired place is not too long and will be quickly (less than 1 hour) ready for planting.


Does the installation and maintenance of Golaviz green walls need special expertise?

No.The use and maintenance of Golaviz green walls is quite simple, and all the materials required for this are illustrated in the accompanying product manual.

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