Golaviz green wall stands

دیوار سبز گل آویز estand golaviz

This product will place 36 plant ,vertically.

Estand-golavizDimensions : 30 * 86 * 220 cm

How to install: vertical

Product specifications :

  1. The structure is completely independent and, if used indoors, will not cause any damage to the back wall.
  2. The irrigation system of all plants is done completely automatically.
  3. The paint used in the body and frames is furnace and will not be burned out due to time.
  4. The entire structure is completely isolated against the outflow of water and does not cause any release of moisture to the external environment.


Available colors: black and cream (if desired, custom colors will be customized)


Note: The dimensions provided are standard, but upon request of specific dimensions after the visit of the experts, equal to the dimensions of your request. The structure will be produced for you.


دیوار سبز گل آویز estand golaviz

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